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Marketing Safe Travel Tips For Those Wanting to Travel During Pandemic

There are still many ways and people who want to travel while we are still dealing with travel changes during Covid 19. Keeping your marketing up to date and fresh with relevant and encouraging content is a great way to inform clients and those looking for a Travel Professional of your ideas and what you're doing to help travelers plan their trips.

Here are a couple ideas to include in your marketing.

  • Use your blog articles to write informative articles that will give suggestions to your clients about what constitutes a safe trip. For instance, you could write a blog on safety measures travelers can take to insure their safety and those around them. Encourage them to follow the guidelines in the area that they will be visiting. Is wearing a face mask in public and social distancing required? Then help them see the importance of this safety measure while still offering suggestions of things that they can do to make the most of the restrictions. Staying positive and offering alternatives to things that may seem overwhelming will show your clients that you are here to help make their trip enjoyable and worth the effort to stay safe. Do your best to turn a negative into a positive. If you don’t have a blog now is the time to consider adding one to your marketing efforts.

  • Make good use of your Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram. Create posts that will help travelers with their travel plans. Perhaps you could suggest a packing list of things that may be in shortage. Things such as extra masks, hand sanitizer or wipes. Encourage your follows to pack extra. It is always better to have too much than not enough! Another suggestion could be that small businesses may be struggling more due to the pandemic than before. Help travelers see the need to be patient and to tip in a way to show appreciation for the services rendered. They may prefer credit cards over cash for safety measures. Some may need to know this as not everyone has credit cards. These are the types of tips that help and are relevant for the times that we are living in.

Marketing is important for all Travel Professionals. Marketing in a way that is informative while still staying positive is also important. Need some help out in this area? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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