Using Social Media to Market your Travel Agency Effectively

Travel is an important part of people's lives. Travel is a way to unwind, spend quality time with family and friends and just de-stress from work and lives anxieties. An important way that Travel Professionals are reaching people to book travel with them is through Social Media. What are some ways that you as a Travel Professional can use this avenue to book more trips?

Here are some ideas to try.

  • Use your blogs effectively.  Do you keep your blog fresh and up to date?  Posting a blog on your site once or twice a week keeps you at the top of people’s minds.  What should you write about?  Well, think from the prospective as not only the travel professional but also from the prospective of a traveler.  What would draw you in to a site?  Perhaps tips on safe places to travel during the Corona Virus.  Ideas of what to check before you travel in different areas due to restrictions that still may be in place.  The more info and tips you can give people the more it will set you up as an expert.

  • Use Instagram and Facebook to showcase different travel spots.  What are people looking for?  Engage them in “conversations”.  Ask different questions about what people are wanting.  Is it long trips?  Shorter?  Fly or stay close to home?  Get people involved.  The more social you are the more they are to tune back in and see what other people are doing.  Use great photos and perhaps some videos where you can give ideas and trends in person.

  • Email.  Marketing through email is another great tool to keep people in the loop and grow your customer base.  Set up an email sign up spot on your website.  However, people will need some incentive to sign up.  This does not have to monetary although it is completely up to you.  You could offer some sort of discount for your service.  Or you could offer a tip on some area of travel that people are curious about.  Having an email marketing campaign in place and keeping it regular will keep you on the minds of people who are looking to travel.

Keeping your marketing through Social Media current and interactive is an important way to set you up as an expert.  You agree but you're still struggling with how to do it and will need a vacation yourself after trying it on your own?  No need to have anxiety we will take care of it for you.  Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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