"Our ROI is at least 40% every month!" - Cruises & Vacation



What is the process?

After you sign up you're assigned an Account Manager who will get to know your company brand, who your ideal traveler is and then they take that information and meet with the team of designers and marketers. We then come up with your first set of Facebook posts and blog articles. After the first week, we assess the results and change anything necessary. Most of the time we're spot on right from the get go. However, continuous auditing of your account attributes to the campaigns success.

What do you post and create?

Because all of our posts are unique to each client, the answer to this question can be found elsewhere. Please click a business type and we'll share with you the type of posts, blog articles and email marketing campaigns we launch for that type of business: Accommodations (hotels, resorts, inns, etc.) Tourist Attractions (spas, restaurants, shops, boutiques, etc.) Travel Agencies & Associations

Is this a long term commitment?

NO! Our packages are month to month. Although your account will auto-renew, you may cancel with a 7 day notice and you won't be charged again.

Is the content generic?

NO! It is created specifically for your travel brand. Plus, it's 100% copyscape checked and unique to your business.

What happens to the content if I quit?

Nothing! What we post stays on your account unless you remove it. We don't do anything with it.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! We guarantee that the marketing efforts from our GOLD PACKAGE will result in additional fans on your Instagram and Facebook pages as well as email opens and clicks to your blog. Although we cannot guarantee an exact number of fan increases or links to your blog, we can guarantee that it will be better than what you're currently doing. We require a two month commitment for our guarantee to be valid and it is not valid on any package other than our GOLD PACKAGE.

How do you ensure that your blog topics and social media content is what travelers are looking to read?

We use Google's keyword generator to see what topics and destinations travelers are searching for online. Then we run those keywords through a blog title generator to ensure that our titles are search engine friendly. After that, we write the content and run it through an article keyword tracker to ensure that the proper keywords are included so that search engines pay attention to the content. Voila! The content you're adding to your blog is search engine ready and what travelers are searching to read online. Do you spend that much time on curating online content? Don't worry! We do!