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How to Reach Travelers Who are Traveling for Business

Traveling for business is a great avenue to market your tourism business. How can you as a Travel Professional reach this type of traveler? Read on below for some tips to be sure you are not leaving out this type of traveler in your marketing efforts.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Use your Social Media to offer suggestions on how to make travel plans for business easier and less stressful. Perhaps you work with venues that offer areas that businesses can set up their meeting spaces that have full access to the internet and other business essentials needed for a meeting. Do you also work with venues that have a restaurant on site or that offer room service for their guests that take the guesswork out of where they are going to have meals while traveling? Ask questions on your social media outlets as to what they are concerned about while they are traveling for business and be sure to answer any concerns or questions in a timely manner. Keeping the ball rolling so to speak shows your care and commitment to making their trip easy and enjoyable.

  • Write blog articles on your expertise in this area of travel. Perhaps you can offer suggestions on what the area they are traveling in has to offer for restaurants, shopping and other activities that they may want to do on their off time. The more knowledge that you have to offer and the more confidence they place in you as the travel expert they will be more motivated to book their travel with your company. And hopefully when they are traveling for leisure you will be the one they turn to for their travel needs.

Traveling is a must for many businesses. Be sure that you are the one who is willing and able to help with all the concerns and needs business travel comes with. Now more than ever people are turning to Travel Professionals to help them out with booking their business and personal travel. Need some assistance with your Social Media marketing? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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