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Marketing Popular Travel Trends for Fall 2020

Corona Virus although not a new story is still a daily issue we are dealing with worldwide.  Because of this the Travel Industry has had to adapt to a new normal.  The Virus has brought about not only change to our daily lives but also a change to how we travel.  How do you as a Travel Professional make sure you are staying on the top of people who are looking to book travel plans list of contacts?

Here are a few ways to stay in the game.

  • Keep up with the flow.  Many people due to the virus are not wanting to book months in advance since restrictions seem to change monthly and sometimes weekly depending on the area that they want to travel.  So be sure to list on your website last minute get a ways that people can book without expensive last-minute booking fees.  Also, for those who do wish to still be planners and book in advance be sure to offer tips on your website about destinations or airlines who offer spur of the moment changes or cancellations.  

  • Use your Social Media to offer tips on places that offer family friendly environments with social distancing guidelines in place.  Offering different suggestions as the Travel expert in areas that people have not thought of sets you up as in the know and keeps people coming back to your Social Media to check in on what you have to say and advice you have to offer.  People today are not as at ease with travel as in the past so the more comfortable they feel and are able to get their questions about safety while traveling with the virus still affecting everyday life the more likely they are to book with you.  Keep changing your topics and adding posts daily.

  • Be sure to keep a fresh prospective on your blogs.  With so much bad news when we turn on our TV for the daily news having a positive outlook is refreshing.  Be respectful of the current situation of the virus but at the same time not everything has to be doom and gloom.  Having a beautiful picture with some tips and ideas of how to travel safely gives a silver lining for a dark time that 2020 has brought.  Keep things light while at the same time giving ideas on how to have a great family vacation while staying safe.

Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook are great tools to keep people informed and to keep you as a Travel Professional on the radar of those looking to book a trip soon.  Need help staying on top of this?  No problem! Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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