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2 Tips to Reach Travelers Who Want to Travel Within the U.S

Winter blues have set in and this year we have another reason to make us blue and that is a worldwide pandemic. Some travelers are ready more than ever to jump on a plane and go somewhere where they can rejuvenate. They are ready for some well needed and deserved relaxation and stress relief. What can you do in your marketing as a Travel Agent to reach these people?

Here are some things to consider.

  • Use your Social Media marketing in a way that will promote areas that people can travel to that are here in the U.S. With so many people concerned with traveling out of the country do your research on areas that people may not have even considered. Now is the time that people can take a vacation and explore areas of the U.S. that are beautiful and have plenty of activities to keep them and their families occupied. With beaches, mountains, breath-taking scenery and glorious parks in between the choices are limitless. Reach out to people by means of questions and see what type of activities and sites would interest them. Then get to work promoting areas that you have checked into to see what the restrictions are and let your followers know. Keeping people informed and interested in what you have to say will help set you up as the expert in your field.

  • Keep your website current and easy to navigate. When people are searching for a destination to travel to and find your website be sure to keep them there. Make your site easy to find information and contact you if they have further questions. Another great avenue is having a link on your website for a blog article. When you write blogs articles be sure to write about tips that you think will make travel easier for travelers and different travel destinations that you have found that other travelers have had good experiences visiting during the pandemic. Perhaps you could use a quote from someone who really appreciated the safety steps taken by a destination that made their vacation less of a worry and let them relax and enjoy the time that they had. People like to know what other travelers are doing and they like to know that the experience was a success. So, when you have clients that commend you for your efforts let others know you are there to help anyway you can!

Traveling is a fun part of life. Making new memories with the ones you love while seeing new sights is a great part of any vacation. People still want this even more so now. Be sure you are staying on the top of peoples list as the Travel Agent to book with. Need someone to help you with marketing? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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