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Tips To Reach Travelers Using Your Social Media

People are always looking for the best place to take some time off and relax. With all the changes and the pandemic that we have all had to deal with this last year taking some time to destress is on the top of most peoples to do lists. So how can you as a travel professional be sure to reach people looking to book their next vacation?

Here are some tips to try.

  • Instagram is one of the most popular social media outlets that are looked at to find the latest and greatest that people have tried or want to try. What can you post about? As a travel agent you can stay up to date with places that are great to take vacations. So, whoever the travelers are be sure to reach a broad spectrum of them. Post a variety of content that will appeal to the masses. Post for families, single travelers, business travelers and so forth. Post pictures that will make the person want to be in the picture themselves. Write catchy phrases with your posts. Ask questions and engage your audience. Post on a regular basis. Preferably every day (Mon-Fri). This will show your commitment and will set you up as the expert in your field.

  • Facebook is another tool that should not be ignored. Use this tool in conjunction with your blog articles. This is a good way to make sure your brand stands out and your logo to get recognition. Write blog articles that inspire people's imagination and will get them motivated to give you a call and hopefully book a vacation. Use your Facebook page to link your weekly blog articles back to your website. Once your readers are on your website, they can learn more about you and this builds trust in you as a company. As with Instagram use photos that are clear and vibrant and not grainy or hard to see.

Travel will always be something that people not only want but at some point, need. Don’t get left behind because you're not keeping up with your Social Media accounts. Don’t worry if you are feeling overwhelmed by doing this. You are not alone. Many business professionals do not have the time or the know how to do this by themselves. That is where we come in! Check out our Social Media packages here.


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