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Tips to Market Travel in Winter 2020

With almost another year down some people are itching to travel because of the unprecedented year that we have been through due to the Corona Virus.  With some areas opening more restaurants and activities people are getting more adventurous and planning travel.  How can you as Travel Professional make sure you are staying on the top of traveler's minds? 

Try these ideas.

  • With the travel industry changing sometimes daily, the need to stay up with the changes is even more important.  Especially when it comes to flexibility, travelers are looking to work with Travel Professionals who partner with travel venues and airlines who do not charge last minute fees.  With the uncertainty that comes with the Virus there may be some who will need to cancel or change plans spur of the moment.  Do you offer this?  Make sure you are letting people know.  Use your Social Media to your advantage by putting your packages and flexibility on display.  The more people feel you are keeping up with the latest changes the more they feel comfortable with your company.

  • With the virus still on the minds of many and we haven’t even entered the flu season with winter coming on what can your company do to put people’s minds at ease?  Use your website and blog articles to show ideas of keeping safe and healthy during the winter travel season that we are approaching.  Have ideas that are current and relevant to the worries of people who are looking to travel.  For instance, you could have some sort of giveaway perhaps a care package of vital items needed while traveling.  Think masks, wipes and hand sanitizer.  Get people involved in the conversation by having a question and answer on your Instagram or Facebook or both.  Ask a question like “What do you do to stay safe while traveling?”  Then have them follow you, like your post and tag a friend.   This builds your followers and keeps you on the minds of travelers.  Many people today are looking for tips to keep their families safe and have peace of mind while travelling during the pandemic.  

Travel is not the same as we are used to but that does not mean that we must stop.  With change comes education.  Be sure to be a Travel Professional who is educated and knows what the latest and greatest way to travel during the pandemic.  Need help with this?  Check out our Social Media Packages and let us take care of this for you!


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