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Tips on Marketing to Older Travelers

With fear of Corona Virus still affecting many traveling has become a bit daunting for some.  Among those who are more concerned and cautious while traveling are older travelers due to their being more at risk of potentially catching the virus.  So how do you as a Travel Professional or destination help put some of the fear at ease?

Here are a few tips to help.

  • Use your Social Media to list ways that older ones can travel while social distancing and staying safe.  Offer tips that help them know what to expect while they travel and where there are extra precautions being taken for their safety.  Perhaps there are places that cater to senior citizens.  For instance, do you work with a destination or are a destination that offers a time slot for older ones to enjoy activities or a meal without being in an area where people are coming and going?  Get the word out there on your Social Media.  The more you have to offer about their safety the more they will feel comfortable with booking a trip.

  • Write blogs that not only offer tips to older ones who are wanting to travel safely but also perhaps include blog articles that will offer tips to others who are traveling to show consideration for older ones and those who may be at risk due to health issues.  We are all in this together and the safety of all is vital so showing that your company cares about traveler's well being is a must.  Not only can you post this on your blogs but you can also use Instagram and Facebook to offer suggestions and get ideas from people by asking what they think they can do to contribute to the safety of all around them especially those who may be more vulnerable to the virus. 

  • Don’t forget to use your Website to put together packages that perhaps older ones would enjoy while maintaining safety.  Be sure your site is user friendly and easily accessible.  The more people can find you and learn about what you do they will return to book their trip with you. Keep your website up to date and fresh with the newest information available to you.

As a Travel professional you can keep yourself on top as the expert.  Keeping your Social Media active and with fresh content is a must in doing this.  Do you need someone to do it for you?  That is where we come in. Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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