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Tips on how to Market to Parents with Older Children when Booking a Trip

The travel industry has catered many trips to the family with young children.  Listing things to do with younger children in tow such as trips that include babysitting for a parent's night out or children’s clubs where kids can interact with other children.  A trend on the rise is now to cater to parents with older children.  What can you do as a Travel Agent to set yourself apart from the competition and appeal to those families that have older children? 

 Here are 3 tips to set you up and get more of this growing market.

  • Offer packages that include activities that parents, and older children can enjoy together.  Teenagers have become more vocal when it comes to vacations as a family.  They want to do activities that they will enjoy just as much as the adults.  Keep in mind the thinking of a teenager and put together a package that the kids as well as the adults will not be able to wait to get to the destination and enjoy as a family. 

  • Keep options open.  Be sure to check into many different activities and offer a variety of options.  Not all families are the same.  Some are more adventurous (think zip lines and roller coasters).  Others may enjoy a more laid-back approach (think lazy pool or beach side activities)

  • Don’t forget children who are no longer in their teens.  Many families still want to spend time together and travel even after the kids are grown and no longer living at home.  Parents with children in their twenties can enjoy activities that children in their teens cannot.  Put together packages for this age group as well.  Perhaps a relaxing vacation at a winery with tours of different wineries would be a great get away for this age group.

  • Social Media.  Be sure to keep all avenues of Social Media up to date.  Offer ideas and tips that make you stand out from your competition.  Use plenty of photos to get the mind involved and will stick with them and make them come back to your site for more and more until they can no longer just see themselves on vacation in their minds.  

Whatever it is that you want to say make sure to say it in a way that will keep you in front of your competition and in the minds of the growing number of parents with older children looking for a Travel Expert that can book them the vacation of their dreams.  Need help in this area?  That is where we come in!  Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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