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The Right Social Media Post Length for Your Business

Do you want to write a post for your social media account and you struggle to come up with a captivating topic? We’ve been there before, so we know exactly how annoying and frustrating that can be.

Imagine if you’re trying to come up with a captivating piece on attracting tourists to hotels, restaurants, visitor centers, coffee shops, boutiques, and more, but the content just doesn’t feel right. Or maybe you want to list out a few tips on attracting tourists to the local attractions, bar, etc. The topic is as important as the content because that’s what your readers will see when they go Google-searching.

And then there’s the word count, which is yet a determinant of whether your readers will read everything you wrote and digest the message accordingly. When the post is too long, boredom sets in and they’ll fail to grasp your message. Similarly, a very short post won’t do you any good.

In this post, we will be telling you the right character count of your Instagram and Facebook posts.

  • Facebook Post Length

Most social media marketers capitalize on the huge number of Facebook users to market their products and services. Also, Facebook allows different types of posts. These can include ads, statuses, events posts, etc.

  • Possible post length

For the year 2020, a Facebook post can have a length of up to 63,206 characters. Your post can include images and videos.

But let's face it, most people won't have the time to go through a lengthy post.

  • How your post length should be

Seeing that only a very little fraction of your readers may read through your lengthy post, it is advisable to keep things simple and short.

In view of this, there is a general census on the net that your Facebook post should have a character length of between 40 and 50 characters.

  • Instagram Post Length

Instagram posts are mostly photos and videos. However, the importance of a great Instagram caption can never be overemphasized.

  • Possible caption length

It is possible to write a caption having a length of 2,200 characters, containing up to 30 hashtags. But there is a very slim chance that your followers will read through the lengthy caption. You wouldn't want your followers to skip reading your caption. See below for the recommended length we've found out for you.

  • How long your caption should be

According to the Instagram team, your caption length should not go beyond 125 characters. This will make your caption simple and short. With this caption length, your whole caption can appear on your Instagram feed.

  • Conclusion

Remember, the goal of posting any content on social media is to gain awareness for your product and services. So, follow the tips above and your post won't be too long or too brief.

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