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Marketing Tips for Travelers who want to Visit National Parks

National Parks are filled with beautiful views, hikes and great spots for family picnics. Nowadays people are choosing to vacation a car drive away from home or a short plane ride. With so many picturesque parks in our backyards you want to be sure you are marketing to this type of traveler. How can you do this?

Here are some ideas.

  • Do you know of places people can lodge at National Parks in or close to your area? Have they taken necessary precautions when it comes to social distancing and cleaning guidelines? List these on the vacations destinations that you work with. Share your knowledge of the area and what activities there are for them to do. List the restrictions, if any, that they can expect. For instance, is there a pool that is open, but they need to make reservations to use it? Or what are the areas guidelines for mask usage. The more helpful knowledge you have share it on your website and Social Media like Instagram and Facebook. People love to be in the know when it comes to areas they want to visit. Make sure you are the one giving them the help!

  • Write blog articles that will inspire your travelers to want to visit these places. Give them photos of the stunning park and scenery that they will capture in their photos to remember. Add tips on what they can do along the way. Perhaps there is a trail that is famous at a national park that you can highlight in one of your blogs. Set the scene and make it so that they visualize themselves and their family there. Use photos to pique their interest. Make sure they are clear and vibrant. Do your homework on the area and be sure all the information you write about is up to date and accurate. Also make sure that your blog link is visible on your webpage. And use your other social media such as your Facebook account to link your blog article.

Social Media is a great tool for marketing your business. Make sure you are using it to the full. If you don’t have a blog currently now is a good time to think about having one added. Are you feeling overwhelmed by all this information? No worries! That is why we are here. Let us take the task of setting you up as the expert off your do to list. Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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