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How to Turn Your Email List into a Highly Targeted Audience on Facebook

It's no wonder that in this digital age, tourism companies must touch travelers using different methods of marketing so that they stay at the top of their mind.

Many don't think about using their already biggest fans (comprised of their email lists) to cross-promote on Facebook. By uploading your email subscribers to Facebook you can create a custom audience and Facebook will automatically find the profiles of those subscribers. This means that you can re-target your email subscribers on Facebook and touch them in more than one way.

The more you can reach the same people consistently, the more chance you have of turning them into travel bookings.

Once you've created your audience using email subscribers, simply ask Facebook to create a similar audience. The great thing about this is that Facebook does all the heavy lifting. They find your next set of followers and sooner than later you have a growing Facebook page filled with travelers interested in following your travel brand.

Don't forget, Facebook posts should NOT be used to sell your travel products and services.

Even Facebook ads should include travel tips, trends and ideas..not pricing!! Let me say that again, Facebook ads should not be used to sell travel. Social media and that means people who are on social media want to be mesmerized with experiences, not sold to. Besides, the "buy now" trick doesn't really work anymore anyways. Travelers buy experiences and if you can touch a traveler with an emotional experience (beautiful photos, videos of happy travelers, etc.) then they'll want the experience for themselves and that's what will get you the booking.

We'll be writing a blog article that answers the question, "How to make the most of your Facebook ads." It will break down the most effective Facebook ads used by travel companies so that you can easily copy the formula. Make sure you subscribe to our blog so that you receive this information in your inbox.

If Facebook, Instagram, blogging and email marketing has your head spinning and you're not sure how to use them all together so that you attract more travelers, give us a call. We'll give you free advice and if our advice seems overwhelming, don't worry. We can implement all of the strategies for you.

Here's the link to schedule a free tourism marketing consultation:


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