How to Target Women as a Travel Consultant

Are you in the travel business and want to target the audience of women who make up a good portion of the buying market?  Women are mostly the ones who buy and influence others such as friends, family and coworkers to buy as well.  So, you as a travel consultant, I’m sure, want to make sure you are right there with all the other fields targeting this growing number of consumers. 

Here are some suggestions to get you in the game and build your clientele. 

  • Know your market.  When targeting a female audience keep in mind what appeals to them.  Women love a good “girl’s trip.”  Whether it is a weekend in Vegas or a week-long trip to a beach make sure to include things women will enjoy.  For example, women love to leave their men home when they go to the beach so they don’t have to not only spend time on a fishing boat but also hear over and over again about the “big one that got away.”  Women love a good trip to relax, have fun and bond with their girls.

  • Women like to gather information.  Women tend to do research and are always looking at different avenues of travel.  So, stay on top of the trend.  Make sure to include ideas and different approaches to travel to keep you ahead of the competition.  If a woman visits a site and never sees anything new her interest is not kept.  So always keep her wanting to visit your site for new ideas.  

  • Social Media.  Women tend to look to social media for ideas on where to travel.  They love to see and read about different locations around the world that will pique their interest and make them want to go.  They love not only articles but also pictures to put their minds where their bodies want to be. Women are a large marketing opportunity for the Travel Professional.  Don’t miss out on being part of the selection that women have.  Put yourself in front place and keep yourself there by keeping up with the times.  Need help because you are busy and have a business to run?  Look us up and we will take care of making you the professional when it comes to the Tourism Industry!  Check out our Social Media Packages for the Tourist Professional.