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How to Reach Travelers who Want to Stay local

Traveling is a great way to take some well-deserved time off and reconnect with family and friends. With all the changes that have come about due to the Corona Virus many have decided to not travel to far from home. Some travelers are still afraid of venturing out to destinations where they would have to take a plane. Therefore, many have decided instead of not taking a vacation to explore the sights closer to home. How do you as a Travel Agent be sure to grab this type of traveler's business?

Here are some ideas.

  • Speak to some local hot spots in your area that other travelers come to visit. Many people tend to overlook the venues or activities that are close to home. With this time that we are living in now is the time to take advantage of the gems in our backyards. Staycations can be just as relaxing and enjoyable as a “real” vacation without the extra stress of travel days. Compile a list of those venues in our area that you can recommend to your clients and potential clients and post them on your website. Use your Blogs to showcase these and list all the things these venues have done to comply with the Social Distancing regulations. Use photos that will inspire the minds of those in the area to take the leap and try out a vacation close to home.

  • Another great bonus of staying local is that many businesses have suffered loss of income due to the lack of travelers this year. Who doesn’t want to support local business and keep the moral up in our small communities? Get the buzz going and post your ideas on your Social Media that will get people excited about helping small businesses in their area while at the same time enjoying a close to home vacation experience. Ask questions such as “What have you as a local found to do that you enjoyed in our community?” The more questions and ideas you have will get the conversation going and generate more excitement for those to pull the trigger on a vacation locally. Social Media is an important key to staying on the minds of travelers as this is where people are often looking for ideas before they call a travel agent.

As we have seen there are great benefits to traveling locally in your neck of the woods. So put some ideas out there. Get the locals talking about what is available and what they have personally gained from this experience. Need some help with marketing? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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