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How to Reach Travelers who Want to go To Florida Theme Parks

Many people are trying to move past all the drama 2020 has brought with it. Between the coronavirus, social distancing restrictions, not being able to spend time with friends and all the other world problems stress has been over the top for many. Some have decided that the best way to get some stress out is to visit a theme park in Florida. How can you as a Travel Agent be sure to market to these travelers?

Here are some ideas.

  • Know your stuff. Have you researched the restrictions that are still on for theme parks in Florida. Use your website to answer questions that people may have. Write blog articles that have suggestions on what to expect when they vacation and go to these different parks. Do you have to wear a face mask? Have your temperature taken before entering a park? Are there limited guests allowed in at one time? Do you need reservations? These are just a few of many questions travelers may have and want answered before they book a trip. Use your Facebook and Instagram to post relevant content for these kinds of trips. Ask your audience what questions they may have or worries that keep them from booking. And then be sure to answer in a timely and correct manner. Be sure your facts are correct as restrictions can change daily.

  • People are more concerned now than ever about cleanliness. How are the different theme parks making sure that guests are safe and can enjoy their vacations while not constantly wondering if they are being exposed to the virus? Use your blog articles to write up to date blogs about what different theme parks are implementing when it comes to cleaning guidelines. The more information that you can offer will set you up as the expert and will gain the trust of your clients and potential clients. As mentioned before be sure that the trust you are gaining is due to correct information. Blog articles when done correctly really add to the efforts of your marketing strategy.

Many Travel Agents are busy keeping up with what they do best as you are probably aware so if you don’t have time or know how when it comes to Social Media don’t worry! We can help you out. Check out our Social Media Packages here.

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