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How to Reach Travelers on a Budget

With all the uncertainty that has come along with this last year we have had to adjust to a lot of changes in the way that we do things. People have had to adjust to working less or possibly even to losing their jobs and adjusting to a fixed income. So how can you as a travel professional help those out that want to still fit a vacation into their fixed budget?

Here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Not all travel require that you go for an extended time. Vacation no matter the length can do its job and give you a few days to unwind and take some time to rejuvenate. As a travel professional do you have short but affordable destinations that you can offer to your clients? Perhaps you know of area where there are budget friendly accommodations and activities for all types of travelers whether they are traveling alone or as a family. Let your followers know about these destinations. Use your Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram to offer suggestions and to get suggestions of ideas of what people are looking for in a shorter-term vacation.

  • Use your blog articles to offer reasonable ways to budget while on vacation. Write articles that can help them from the beginning. For instance, you could write a series of blogs on money saving ideas from the time they start to plan all the way to while they are on vacation. Another idea is to use incentives for them to come back to your site. You could do this by offering them something for signing up for your email list. Put together a small coupon book for areas that people frequently travel and offer this as a reason for them to sign up for emails with your blog articles in them. This creates more potential for them to become and stay your client. Keep people interested in what you have to say by using your blog articles to inform them in areas that they are concerned about. Keep the content fresh and relevant and you will have many visitors to your website. If you do not have a blog article you should consider getting one added to your site. Blog articles are a great way to set yourself up as the expert in your field.

Traveling does not have to break peoples budgets. Especially now with all the uncertainty that many are facing with jobs and other areas of life traveling can be stressful. But you as the travel expert can help ease the stress by offering practical suggestions through your marketing. Need someone to help you out in this area? Check out our Social Media packages here.


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