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(Writing sample) How to Protect Yourself and Mobile Data While Traveling

We’ve all seen the cafes, malls even nail salons with signs offering free wi-fi to their patrons. However, these networks can be unsafe and are notorious for hackers getting information from computers and cell phones because of the unsecured connection. This is especially true while traveling. Wait! Wait! Before you shut down the wi-fi setting on your phone and go off the grid there is a secure way to connect to these networks.

  1. Go to your devices Playstore and download an app that will protect your data. For example, Android and iOs has an app called Nord VPN. It’s been acclaimed as one of the best in the industry. However, it’s fee based and comes with a monthly subscription. If paying for security isn’t your thing, try TunnelBear. It has a free version and is perfect for checking email or searching the web. Just be aware that there’s a 500 MB data limit on its free version so you won’t be able to binge watch your favorite shows while on vacation or download large faxes or files.

  2. There is another step to take when it comes to data safety and that is protecting yourself. Don’t put on Facebook or Instagram that you will be gone from this day to that. Try and hold back from posting photos of your trip until you return. That way thieves searching social media for their next victim won’t know that you’re away.

Now that you’ve downloaded the security apps to protect your identity, there’s one more thing to do…protect yourself!

Here are two ways to protect yourself while on vacation and they both involve apps:

  1. Most mobile devices have a location app built in. If yours doesn’t, you can download one from Google. Always turn the location app ON. That way if something happens (natural disaster, an unsafe situation or some life-threatening health condition) your family and friends can find you. They can request your location at any time.)

  2. Another great app is the Medical ID app for Android or the Health App for iOS. These apps allow you to display allergies or any health conditions you have on your mobile devices home screen. That way if you’re ever alone, anyone trying to help you will see your medical directive listed front and center.

If this seems overwhelming, we can help you download the right apps while we’re booking your next getaway. You can also ask your grandkids or kids. They seem to know it all when it comes to technology.

Traveling is a great way to rejuvenate your soul and these little extra precautions will ensure that you’re safe and secure while doing that.

If you’re looking for a new adventure idea, we have some. Luxe Travel Consultants is one of Naples, Florida’s top travel and cruise agencies. We are here as travel advisors waiting to help plan your trip of a lifetime. Why not give us a call and let’s excite your passion to travel?


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