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(Writing sample) 3 Reasons Why South Africa Should Be On Your Bucket List

As a travel agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we send people all over the world. Africa is one of our favorite destination and you'll see why.

Africa, a land of color and mystery. An old world that saw the birth and demise of mighty kingdoms and lived to tell the tale. A wild land where majestic beasts roam free. A home to exotic culture and wonderful people. Africa is calling you...

If you’re looking for a place that looks lost in time, a place that looks primeval but still so fascinating, a place that doesn’t shy away from showing you nature at its wildest, Africa is the place to be.

The continent is home to over 1,216 billion people with over 3,000 tribes. Why are we telling you all this? Such a populous land must have so much going for it, and that’s what we’re here to show you.

We’re here to tell you about all the places you can explore and what the natives see and experience on a daily basis. We want you to feel what it’s like to walk atop the ancient sands of Africa; to understand the infinite possibilities it offers you.

Go to South Africa for the:

  • Beaches

That’s right, the beaches. Africa is a hot land, so heading to a beach once you get there is refreshment for the traveler soul. We recommend Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa, because that’s where you’ll find the goofy and adorable colony of African penguins, waddling along and living their monotonous lives without a care in the world.

  • Safari

Surely you must have seen this coming. What’s a trip to Africa if you don’t go on a safari? Have you seen all those travel channel shows where vacationers go on Safaris by riding in vans chocked full of people? You’ll see every tourist with a camera, snapping away at the animals approaching their vehicles. Wouldn’t you want to be part of something so exciting?

Then grab your camera and stroll on to the Sabi Sands in South Africa. A little warning: Try your best not to gawk at all the wildlife you’ll see while you ride in the van, lest you forget to take any pictures at all. You’ll see Leopards lounging on trees, their tails swinging lazily; lions will be seated atop rocks, staring down at the passers-by with curiosity. Monkeys will be bolder by even approaching the vans to investigate. Don’t worry about the animals though. As long as you admire them from a distance, you’re good to go. They’re harmless unless provoked.

  • The People

The locals are enough of a reason to journey to South Africa. It’s no exaggeration when we say they smile a lot. They are friendly and always eager to see new faces. It's almost as if having people flock to their lands to admire all its ancient wonders is a source of pride for them. There is so much diversity that you would be hard-pressed to know which people to visit and what culture to experience first. Should you head over to true sons and daughters of Africa that live in the villages and safari, or the younger Africans who grow more curious about the foreigners walking their lands every day? Either way, and regardless what you choose to do, it will be time well worth spent.

There you have it. 3 reasons why South Africa should be on your bucket list. If you're looking for a travel agent who can help you choose the best place to stay, how to get around and book the tours and safaris for you then please give us a call. As a travel agency located in Minneapolis, Minnesota with agents who have been to South Africa many times we're here for all of your Africa travel needs.


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