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How to Market to Couples Without Kids at Home

Traveling as a couple when the kids are all grown up and moved away is a great way to get to know each other again as the two of you.  Traveling as a family is usually based on the family unit and what the needs of the kids are.  But when it is just the couple, they can focus on what they would like to do or have not done because of the children.  How do you as a travel professional make sure that you are reaching these travelers?

Here are some ideas to keep in mind.  

  • Traveling alone as a couple opens the way for a more intimate and romantic experience.  Romance goes out the door when the kids are crying, or the schedule is full of activities that drain your energy that all you want to do when you get home is sleep.  Do you have special packages as a travel professional that you can market for couples who are looking for this type of vacation?  Are there a list of activities that they can choose from such as a romantic sunset dinner cruise or a relaxing couples massage?  Be sure to mention these kinds of activities or packages on your website where they are easy to find and navigate.  Use your blog articles to mention different ideas that couples can do together to restart that old flame.  Couples may have a hard time shifting from family to couple time so you can help them out by using your blog articles to possibly get them motivated to try new things.   The more suggestions you have and ideas you can put out there will set you up as the expert in your field.

  • Use your Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook to ask questions and get the conversation started about couples who have traveled together for the first time after the kids have left home.  Get them to share what they enjoyed and what they would recommend for other couples who are planning their first solo couple trip without the kiddos.  Have suggestions that you have come up with that will make their trip memorable.  Post on a regular basis and keep the content fresh and motivating.  Keep the conversations going by replying in a timely manner if people ask questions or have a great idea that they post.  By keeping your social media current and relevant you will grow your follows and therefore your clients.

By keeping your company active on Social Media and your Website up to date and easy to navigate you are using your marketing in a way that will be most effective.  Having a hard time keeping up?   No need to worry.  That is what we do!  Check out our Social Media Packages here.  


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