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How to Market Changing Travel Trends

The ongoing uncertainty of the Pandemic has caused quite a commotion in the way we do things. Travel has not been an exception. With changing restrictions and social distancing people have changed the way they take a trip. How can you market to all types of “Corona Virus” travelers?

Here are some trends to keep on your marketing radar.

  • Because of the ever-changing world scene many travelers do not feel comfortable planning a trip far in advance. Therefore, there has been an increase in last minute bookings. Are you as a travel agent staying on top of the last-minute travel experience? Do you work with airlines and venues that offer no fees for this type of travel? Use your Social Media to get the buzz going and people excited about this option. Talk about the venues and what they have to offer while the traveler is there. Also, on the rise is local travel (travel within driving distance). Do you have areas close to home that people would enjoy? Use this information to educate people on the adventures that they may not have thought of in their own communities. Now is a great time to support local businesses and venues.

  • Social Distancing has put a damper on traveling in large groups or doing certain activities. Some travelers have decided to use this opportunity to reconnect as a couple, family or both. Others have decided to take a solo trip where they can take time out for themselves and catch up on some well needed me time. Whatever the case you need to make sure that you are on the minds of all those who are wanting to still travel. Take advantage of using your blogs to write articles that will take the anxiety out of travel and instead put excitement in its place. Give ideas and tips on how they can travel safely and still have a great vacation. Show how you have contacted venues and talked to them about steps they have taken to follow the guidelines while still offering a relaxing vacation. If you don’t have a blog yet now is the time to get one going. This is a great way to grow customer base.

You do not need to stop marketing just because things are a bit hairy. Keep the pace up and keep your momentum going. Things will hopefully go back to normal soon and when it does you will still be able to have your business on top. Need some help with this? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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