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Benefits of using Social Media in Marketing – Part 2

We have been focusing on the benefits of using Social Media in Marketing and why as a Travel Professional it is worth doing.  Last week we discussed 3 benefits and this week we are going to continue the conversation and list a few more benefits of Social Media.  You as a Travel Professional want to stay on top of the list of experts in your area.  Using Social Media helps you do just that.

Here are some more benefits of Social Media in Marketing. 

  • Use of Social Media provides the opportunity for you to show your customer service skills.  The more you are available and keep your clients and potential clients happy with the way that you and your team respond to issues and concerns the more people are apt to use your services for the first time and for future travel bookings.  This in turn leads to another benefit that of customer loyalty.  People love to build a relationship with someone who they are comfortable with and know that they can trust and count on to book all their vacation needs with.  Also, an added side benefit is that they will recommend you to family and friends and thus grow your client list. 

  • By staying on top of what is trending you can use your Social Media to grow your reach by using relevant content that people are looking for.  If you are using relevant material in your posts your posts will be recognized by search engines as an expert on certain topics and people will be able to find your posts and therefore your company.  Be sure to research your area and use posts that people will be able to find by the way that they are written.  This will build clients and get more traffic to your website.

  • While traffic is important and gets people interested in what you have to offer you are more interested in conversion of looking to booking.  Be sure to use your Social Media to link your blog articles.  For instance, the day that you post a blog article post a link and a catchy sentence to your Facebook post that will link to your blog article.  Make a call to action link at the bottom of your blog article linking to your webpage so that people can make a booking with you. 

As we have seen in the last two blog articles Social Media has a lot of benefits to offer your Travel Company when done correctly.  Still confused as where to start?  Check out our Social Media Packages here.

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