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4 Content Marketing Tips You Absolutely Have to Follow

Today the content of your social media marketing is very important. Sure, the ways you create content and the ways you promote it have changed a lot. But even so, content is the undeniable ruler of everything online.

And as a travel business, you really need to harness all this power.

What are some of the essential content marketing tips to follow as a travel agency, hotel, or any other business working in the travel industry?

Read on and find out more.

· Data, data, data. Do not go blindly into the dark night of writing content that is not based on real data. Your Google Analytics is a treasure trove of goodness in terms of free data. Yes, Google Analytics can feel intimidating – but once you get the gist, you will be able to extract all sorts of information on who your visitors are and what they actually like to see and read on your site.

· Graphics! Oh, boy. We cannot emphasize this enough. Good photos and infographics and general graphics are essential when it comes to making your content pleasing (and thus helping your visitors spend more time with your content).

· A purpose. Simply writing is not enough. Write to attract people, write to show off your business and the amazing benefits it offers, and, ultimately, write to educate your target audience. More than anything, people want information and inspiration when they are online – and good content can create a bridge between your visitors’ needs and what you sell.

· Promotion. SEO, social media, paid traffic, re-hashing an article into multiple forms of content (video, slideshow, etc.) – these tactics can really boost the traffic on each piece you publish on your blog. They help you get the ball rolling and put your message out there.

Looking for someone to help you with your content marketing needs? Here at Travelwritely, we specialize in providing quality, engaging, interesting content for businesses in the tourism industry. Contact us today and learn more about our services – we guarantee you will not regret it!


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