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3 Great Ways to Market Your Destination (Tourism Marketing)

Are you a Travel Professional who wants their business to continue to grow despite the changes we have all faces? This is possible. Marketing is key, here. You have to know the right tools to use in marketing your tourism business. You just need the right tourism marketing tips and that’s what we’re giving you right here!

These ideas will go along way in showing you how to attract tourists to your company, how to attract tourists to restaurants, how to attract tourists to your coffee shop, boutique, etc.

· Foremost, a Marketing Plan

We live in a highly unpredictable world. Things change every hour, every day. As we have seen over this past year. Thus, there’s the need to plan. When talking/thinking about creative marketing ideas, this should be the first thing on your mind. It might be the most important step as it provides a sense of direction and purpose. What’s more important than that?

Planning doesn’t just make you visualize your goals and the necessary steps you’ll need to take in order to achieve them. It also makes you more prepared for unpredictable outcomes-handling them too! Planning helps you make better decisions for your Internet marketing, and this cannot be overemphasized.

Always remember this: AVOID “driving blind”; It’s no coincidence that successful marketers/marketing agencies never go without a plan formally outlined.

· Find and Use Online Influencers

Whatever niche you pitch your business in, you’ll find successful online Influencers-bloggers, Twitter users, vloggers/Youtubers or, Instagram users who have established a huge follower base. They periodically make posts-with reactions from actual followers or even people who might be interested in your service but do not yet know.

Nonetheless, their audience is perpetually following their actions and any message they pass. In other words, they are almost always interested in whatever the influencers post; posts related to the kind of service/services YOU run.

There’re many ways to go about this: A well-used method is to offer these influencers something, say a few sponsored nights in your hotel in exchange for a short, engaging review of your service for their followers. See if they’re interested in your offer or want any extra stuff and come to terms, and boom!

· Make Your Guides Highly Informative and Engaging

Most often, tourists prefer traveling to places they know little or nothing about the geography, people, etc., hence the need to create an awesome guide for such clients.

Most travelers, especially tourists, might want to know one or two things about where they’re headed. Create a short and interesting guide; give them one or two ideas of fun places to go and fun things to do there. They’ll love this kind of info! Make the guide interesting; use high-quality photos and/or videos. This will go a long way making existing/potential clients love your service more!

These are all tried and proven methods but if you’d rather let the professionals handle this for you, that’s even better! We are Travel Writely, professional design, and marketing pros who can give your tourism marketing business the boost it needs and what all businesses seek.

With our comprehensive marketing packages, traffic will be driven to your site in no time! We offer social media marketing, SEO blog writing, email marketing, website design, retargeting ads, postcard advertising. Ready to talk? Check out our Social Media Packages today!


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