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2 Tips to Find People Planning Summer Travel

Can you believe that Spring is here already? Summer 2020 left us feeling like we didn’t have a summer. Hopefully this year will be different. With many things starting to open again there are many people who are starting to plan their summer vacations. So, what can you as a real estate agent do to capture their attention?

Here are a few things to consider in your marketing.

  • Half of the battle is people being able to find you. This is where the proper use of SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. Are you writing blogs that people are looking for? Are your articles written in a way that when people type in a popular search for your trade, they are pulling up your company’s blogs and then being directed to your website to find out more information about you and book their travel plans? If not, this is an important part of marketing correctly. Writing blog articles with tips and trends is also important. People want to be feed information that is helpful and relevant to them. Posting articles regularly is a big part of the puzzle as well. Writing blogs at least once a week is recommended.

  • What about the use of Social Media like Instagram and Facebook? Here again is the importance of regularly posting. If you want to be front and center when it comes to your business, you need to post daily (Mon-Fri). Posting quick tips or special things you want people to know about you is important. Post catchy phrases and posts to grab their attention and want to see what you will post about next. Respond to any who show interest and do so in a prompt manner. People like to feel like they are important and that you care about their needs and concerns when it comes to travel.

Marketing is an important part of business especially now a days with so many people turning to the internet for their travel needs. Are you too busy with running the day–to-day needs of your business and need help with your marketing? No worries! That is where we come in. Check out our Social Media Packages here. Let us take care of this for you!


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