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2 Tips on Marketing to Travelers Who are Concerned about Social Distancing

We don’t know exactly what will happen in the future. What we are aware of is the need for Social Distance and the restrictions that have come along with Corona Virus. There are still those who want to travel despite all the changes. However, as we all know we are not able to travel the way we used to. How can you as a Travel Professional keep those who want to travel informed and feeling safe?

Check out these tips.

  • Use your Social Media to showcase areas that you are aware of that have taken precautions and set up ‘Social Distancing” activities and packages. Can you suggest a private home and/or no contact when getting a rental car? Write about this in your Instagram and Facebook posts. Are there venues that you work with that have tour or activities that will make them more individual than group while still maintaining a safe distance? Let your followers know this. Use your website also to give more details on the areas and venues that have set up these kinds of packages. Or have you yourself been in contact with venues and travel essential businesses that you work with and come up with packages yourself? Be sure to make this known on your Social Media as well. The more information about this type of travel the more people will feel confident using you as their travel professional.

  • Write blog articles to suggest areas that may be more remote and easier for travelers to social distance. Use photos to showcase parks, small towns or lakes where they could rent private accommodations as a family while still enjoying the outdoors or communities that are still open. Blog articles can be a great tool when marketing your ideas and tips for those searching for out of the box travel. We have all had a crazy and stressful year so people still want to get a little R&R but also are more aware than ever for the need to do so safely.

Just because of all the changes and need to be more open to different types of travel we don’t have to quit living. We just need to protect ourselves and others around us. As a Travel Professional you can help others with relevant suggestions on how to do this effectively. Need some help with your Marketing? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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