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Trending Ways to Market Your Tourism Business

Marketing your tourism company can be fun and creative while being effective at the same time. Travel Writely gives you some tips for creative marketing; we provide the solution to the content marketing problems tourism companies like yours have. Take a look at trending ways to get creative with your marketing.

· Pay attention to Email Marketing: Email marketing is an important way of providing your customers with detailed updates on your services.

Collect as many emails as possible to send emails about the travel services your company offers; this will increase your chances of getting more subscribers and consequently, more clients. Also, multiply your results by combining email marketing with social media where you include the links to your website and email on your social media pages. Do not forget to have a “sign-up” button, clearly placed at the top of your social media pages like Facebook.

· Make Use of Online Influencers: Businesses have now discovered how important online influencers are as a marketing strategy. You too should employ the services of one or two influencers for a start and you will see results. Basically, what influencers do is, use the large following they have acquired on social media: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, to create content about the business they are marketing.

Because many people are attracted to their personal brands and they are very engaging, they will reach a large audience on your behalf. So, get into an arrangement with an influencer where you help them have a new experience to create new content while they reach a new bigger audience to give your business exposure.

· Create Attractive Destination Videos: If you aren’t making destination videos for your social media marketing and email marketing, then you have to keep up and start doing this. Through videos, you get to convey a lot of messages in very limited time so go on and showcase the services you offer in that awesome video.

Let your video also be of help to your viewers as you talk about tips on getting around your destination, things to do in the area and provide fun facts as well. Share across all your online platforms and watch the traffic increase.


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