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How to Reach Travelers Who Want a Non-Traditional Trip to Las Vegas

When you think of traveling to Las Vegas you envision grand buffets, Casinos, shows and so on. With the new normal that we are all starting to get accustomed to people are starting to travel in non-traditional ways. For instance, instead of traveling to Vegas for glam, gambling and fancy dinners at the casino buffets travelers are taking a more outside experience vacation. What can you do to appeal to this type of traveler?

Here are 2 tips to consider.

  • With minds on social distancing and the need to wear masks travelers have decided instead of worrying to much about the safety of themselves and their families that they would take advantage of the changes and do something they have not done before in Vegas. So, some have decided to explore the beauty surrounding the city of non-stop action. Do you as a travel agent have a good grip on the area around Vegas? Are there some suggestions that you could voice by means of your Blog articles and on your website? Put this information to use in your marketing. With so many people leaning towards outside activities in various vacation destinations, if you have ideas for Vegas outdoor adventures speak your mind. Tell people about the area, what they can do and where the best hidden gems are to stay. People like to explore new areas and may just need some ideas and information to do so.

  • Make sure that you are also utilizing you Social Media in your marketing. If you write blog articles on a weekly basis be sure to put a link on your Facebook page so that people can read about your tips and advice on Vegas and other vacation destinations that you can suggest. Use your Instagram posts also to showcase the ideas that you have where people can take their families and explore the great outdoors that many have not done while visiting Vegas. Ask your followers where they have gone and what their experiences where will there. Educating yourself and knowing the area helps you to set yourself up as the expert in your field and build confidence in your company. Thinking outside of the box in this day in age has become important. With many people concerned about where and when to travel but at the same time wanting to still do something as a family, your ideas are more important than ever. So, keep your social media posts fresh and exciting.

There are many ways to travel and to do it safely. People just need some guidance in this area. Do you need some guidance when it comes to your Social Media? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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