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4 Social Media Techniques You Really Need to Know for Your Travel Business

Here at Travel Writely, we believe the travel industry is truly one of the most needed industry. Being able to help people tear themselves apart from their daily lives and helping them to discover the beauty in the world… What could be better than that?

If you run a travel business, you definitely want to make sure your services reach as many potential travelers as possible.

But how can Social Media help with that? And most importantly, what are the top 4 social media techniques you should keep in mind when running a travel business?

Read on and find out more.

· Quality images. Traveling is more than just a service – it’s a dream. As a travel agency or accommodation business, you are selling dreams more than anything – and in order to help your potential clients imagine themselves vacationing at your location (or using your services), you need very good images. Use photos that inspire and create a need to take action.

· Regular posting. This can make all the difference in the world – the more regular you are with your posting on Social Media, the better your relationship with your target audience will be. You want to make sure people see you out there – and posting every now and again will definitely not help with that. If needed, create a content calendar for your Social Media, plan in advance, and stick to your plan – it can help so much!

· Choose the right channels. Not all Social Media platforms are ideal when you want to target future travelers. In general, Instagram and Facebook are best when it comes to this – precisely because this is where people go to dream a little.

· Invest in ads. Facebook and Instagram advertising can help you bring in a larger audience for your pages – and thus, a larger pool of “candidates” for future travelers using your services. Both Facebook and Instagram advertising are quite inexpensive, so you can start slow, with a very small budget, and test this out!

Looking for someone to help you promote your travel business online? Contact Travel Writely and allow us to manage your content needs.


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