How to Ensure You Get the Booking Over a Tourism Competitor

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Gone are the days when a simple ad in the newspaper or phone book works to draw attention to your travel company. 

Now a days, travel professionals must write content for their blog that's intriguing and captures the attention of the reader long enough to create a sense of excitement and desire to book what you're selling.

But how do you get travelers interested in your brand over ABC Travel or the inn down the road?  Just remember the 3 C's of marketing: 

1: Content - Since nearly 100% of travelers start their destination research online, the content that's on your website, blog articles, emails, social media and Google ads need to be creative and captivating.  (hey look, there's 2 more C's).  If you're not touching their emotional side and getting them to feel motivated to buy from you then they will move on to a website or blog that does.

How to do this - Try storytelling.  Remember how you felt when you visited the Greek Isles?  Express the emotion, not just the details of the destination.  If you need some inspiration on how to do that, watch the movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun."  The main character is a writer and she writes a post card for a fellow traveler to his Mother.  She says, "It's so incredible here that the grapes even taste like purple."  Traveling is about the experience and the emotions one feels so write about it.

2: Consistency - If you post a blog article every few months or send an email once in a while I'm certain that you're leaving bookings on the table. 

Consistency is key when doing any type of marketing, especially content marketing.  You must stay on the radar of your leads so that when they're ready to book their vacation you're the first brand they think of.  This only happens if you're on the top of their mind..and you do that with consistency.  Lisa Fletcher from the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs talked about this in a recent blog article. She made the very good point that you should be sending out an email newsletter to your leads every week and she's right.

3: Call to action -  Make sure at the end of every blog article or email newsletter that you have some sort of call to action.  "Are you still looking to book that exotic trip to the Greek Isles?  We have the perfect package for you that includes airfare, tours of the countryside and daily meals.  Why not give us a call at ____________ or book online at ______________".  There should always be a "next step" and then you'll be golden.

We know that this seems like a lot but every successful business, whether a tourism business or weddings must follow these 3 C's in order to turn "lookings into bookings".

If you don't have time to do all of this, don't worry.  Travel Writely is here to do it for you. 

If you need a marketing company who knows the travel industry and what travelers need in order to make the decision to buy, check us out.

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