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2 Tips on Marketing to Travels Planning Travel in 2021

Planning travel has never been through so much change as we have seen in 2020. With the start of the pandemic and the long journey through to the new year booking travel comes with some hesitation. Although there are people who continue to travel despite the changes some travels may need more information to make an informed decision before they pull the trigger on travel. How can you as a travel professional market to both spectrums?

Here are 2 tips to keep in mind.

  • All travelers despite the level of fear or no fear need to be informed as to the restrictions in place wherever it is that they are wanting to travel. So, when marketing be sure to keep your customers and potential clients in the loop on different areas that they are looking to visit. Use your blog articles to write about locations that people are feeling safe to travel to and list some of the information travelers will need to be aware of. For instance, are restaurants only open for take-out or delivery? Are there social distancing guidelines in place for visiting certain attractions that travelers will need to make appointments for? Write articles that will inform and prepare your clients so they will feel less stress when taking their trips. However, be sure that the information that you are posting is up to date and accurate. Trust in you as a travel professional could be lost if they are misinformed.

  • Use your Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram to post excitement about places that people are having success with when traveling. Putting posts out there that promote safety and success eases the fear and hesitation for some to know that others have traveled to certain destinations and felt secure and did not worry about their health because venues are staying informed and keeping areas clean and staying in the guidelines lined out for them to have visitors. Ask your followers where they have traveled and what their experiences have been. This promotes conversations and helps travelers looking to book travel make their decisions easier.

Travel has certainly had to pivot in these times of change but that is ok. If we are informed and educated travel can be safe. Keeping your followers and media up to date with timely information helps set you up as the expert in your field. Need some assistance in this area? Check out our Social Media packages here.

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